"find your true north"
Andrea is a contributing writer to Wanderlust Media and is also a Wanderlust Festival Presenter.

Solar Powered: Yoga for the Summer Solstice

Take the additional sunlight on the longest day of the year to ground down and rise up with these short sequences.

Seva As Service

Dan Nevins, a veteran who lost both of his legs during the second Iraq war, is now a certified Baptiste yoga teacher. He describes regular selfless service—known in yoga philosophy by its Sanskrit name, “Seva”—as a karmic loop. 

It’s Hip to Be Sober

A mindful sober subculture is emerging, indicating that we’re seeking out deeper, more meaningful connections to others.

How to Find Your Own Light

Only when we take care of ourselves can we help to change the world.

Yoga as Cultural Appropriation?

Traditions inherited from other cultures add depth to our lives. What happens when that borrowing becomes offensive?

Alternative Yoga

Sitars and harmoniums are taking a back seat, as more yoga studios popularize fun, avant-garde classes that feature a wide range of loud musical genres.

Spring Awakening: Yoga for the Vernal Equinox

Spring Awakening: Yoga for the Vernal Equinox

Be a Light That Shines in the Darkness

Know your facts: Muslims are not terrorists. Refugees are not terrorists.

A Circus Act That Serves a Smile to Refugees

The crisis in Syria affects more than 12 million people. Over a million migrants and refugees entered the European Union in 2015 alone.Volunteer organizations like CircusAID bring lighthearted yoga and mindfulness practices to displaced refugees.

The Power of Conscious Connection

In order to connect to ourselves as individuals, we must reestablish a connection back to the whole.

The Power of Yoga for Underserved and At-Risk Youth

Because no child should ever be left behind.

Release Fear With A Temazcal Ceremony

A powerful ancient Mayan ritual forces you to face your deepest fears—whether you like it or not.

Independence Pose: Yoga As Freedom

Yoga is a celebration of the freedom we experience in our minds, bodies, hearts and souls.

Are You Listening, or Waiting for Your Turn to Speak?

Listening is a practice that has fallen by the wayside. When was the last time you really gave someone your full and undivided attention?

Why You Should Laugh At Yourself More Often

Laughing at yourself is a spiritual practice: one requiring presence, self-acceptance and total humility.

Redefining Abundance With Minimalism

Millennials are adopting a less-is-more approach to life; cutting back on consumption and investing in experiences.

Yoga Teaches Inmates to Be Better Fathers

A recent study of prisoners shows that a regular yoga practice results in better parenting.

Stop Tucking Your Tailbone

Go ahead, stick out your butt and wag your tail. It’s really good for your spine.